Thursday, November 5, 2009

As the season changes, so do your skin care needs.

At this time of year, as we move into Autumn, so many people are complaining about having really dry and dehydrated skin. The summer months have often time taken their toll and now, we are kicking on the heater and the next set of problems arise.

Generally two things are happening:
1. Not enough exfoliation so a build up of surface cells become what people will identify as "dry skin" but really, it dead skin!
2. Although a moisturizer is being used, the skin is not holding enough moisture on a cellular level and becomes dehydrated.

What to do? There are a few very easy steps to take that will result in beautiful, glowing skin - in every season.

First, remove the dead skin. On a professional treatment level, exfoliation is pretty standard and there is a long list of ways to do that. At home, that means exfoliation using a retail product designed to remove the dead stuff with something like a gentle scrub or an enzyme. When looking for an enzyme exfoliator check the ingredient list for things like pumpkin, papaya, or pineapple. Enzymes are wonderful naturally effective "peels" that work by digesting away the dead, keratinised protein that remains on the surface.

Next, add hydration. The professional treatment for this would be the Intraceuticals Infusions - the most uniquely hydrating treatment the beauty industry has seen thus far. Not only does this amazing treatment create extreme hydratation, it also plumps and lifts the skin like no other treatment out there...and did I mention the GLOW! For your at home, look for a moisturizer with Hyuluronic Acid (HA). If your skin is seriously dehydrated, layer a hydrating serum containing HA under your moisturizer - that locks in maximum hydration.

Remember, when the seasons change, your skin's needs change, also. Make some small adjustments as needed to maintain your most beautiful and healthy skin.

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