Sunday, January 24, 2010

Allure Magazine!

Let's just say, when Allure Magazine says that they use "undercover reporters" they mean business. They take their title of The Beauty Experts seriously and one secret shopper later...

Citizen Skin is featured in the February 2010 edition Directory for Best of Los Angeles! Those of you that know me, know that in the past, I have worked in some swanky, skin care PR machines that are constantly flooded with the press (everything from beauty, fashion, lifestyle, on and on, etc...) as well as celebrities who are lavished with HUGE goodie bags to walk out to the waiting paparazzi with. They don't go to any pains to hide their identity. All types of tastemakers come in to be pampered and gifted and kissed ever so gently where the "sun don't shine". Not in this case. For my casual little studio, they sent a spy.

While it is an incredible honor to be secretly tested and then objectively listed - no gifts, no complimentary bells and whistles...I have to admit that I am also surprised at how it renews my appreciation of the magazine knowing that they really do go undercover to get the scoop. It erases my skepticism, mostly.